Ep. #6610

Season 27, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 4/22/1999
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Brad enters Ashley‘s lab. She tells him that Victor is back in town. He already knows. Ashley is worried about what Victor might do when he finds out that Brad was with Nikki. Brad isn‘t worried.Victor calls wanting to see Ashley. She begs Brad to leave, but he insists on staying.Chris is talking with Warton when Paul arrives. She realizes that Paul is working for Nick and it would be a conflict of interest for her to give Warton advice. She directs him to other qualified lawyers at legal aid, but he declines.Diane is worried that she might have alienated Michael and doesn‘t want him as an enemy. She goes to his office to apologize for anything bad she might have said to him. Michael cuts to the chase knowing full well that she is afraid of him spilling the information about Victor‘s sperm.Warton walks into Michael‘s office for legal help.Megan wants Tricia to tell her exactly what happened the night Tony died. Tricia tells her the truth and Megan forgives her, but Sharon isn‘t so