Ep. #6609

Season 27, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/21/1999
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Brad warns Diane that she won‘t be able to handle Victor and Nikki if they find out that she has Victor‘s sperm sample. Diane isn‘t scared. She tells Brad that this is no time to give up on Nikki.Out at the ranch, Victor accuses Nikki of having an affair with Brad. She defends her actions by telling him that Brad offered her a future filled with love and romance - something she no longer has with Victor. He asks why she would humiliate herself like this and leaves.Nick and Ross are at the coffeehouse ready to get into a fight with Warton when Gary calls Nick telling him to come to Victoria‘s office. She is extremely upset about the flowers she received. Warton is angry that Nick keeps hassling him and wants some legal advice.He ends up in Chris‘ legal aid office. Megan, Tricia and Ryan are at the funeral home preparing for Tony‘s burial.Nina mentions to Ryan that she is surprised how well Tricia is doing considering she was the one driving the car that hit Tony. Megan passes by and