Ep. #6608

Season 27, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/20/1999
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Nikki hangs up on Brad when Victor walks into the house. She refuses to respond when he asks if it was Brad that she was talking to. Nikki reminds him that he left town and she will no longer sit around and wait for him. He asks her again about Brad.Diane meets up with Brad at Gina‘s. He feels that everything he has worked so hard for is going up in smoke. Diane reminds him about the letter he gave to Nikki regarding the sperm sample. Brad is certain the sample has been destroyed. Diane isn‘t so sure.Victoria is happy when Gary shows up at the photo session. She appreciates how supportive he has been. Ross and Andrew aren‘t happy when Victoria asks them to leave.Back at the office, Victoria‘s bodyguard brings her a bouquet of flowers. She reads the card and immediately drops it.Warton walks into the coffeehouse looking for Nick. He warns Nick to back off.Olivia is filling out Tony‘s death certificate when Neil arrives to take her to the funeral.