Ep. #6607

Season 27, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 4/19/1999
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Sharon has a long talk with Nikki. She asks Nikki to think things over before leaving Victor. After all, he came back with a willingness to solve their problems. Nikki decides to stay and try and work things out.Victor tries to discuss his situation with Ashley, but she doesn‘t think she is the right person to confide in. Victor wants to know what happened with Nikki while he was away.Ryan comes to his office to discuss Brad‘s resignation. Victor asks if it came out of the blue. Ryan doesn‘t know. He only knows that Brad was away on an extended trip. Victor begins to fume when he puts two and two together and realizes that Brad and Nikki were together.Victoria isn‘t thrilled when she finds out that Andrew has replaced Gary as a consultant on the Brash & Sassy project. She wants Ross to get hold of Gary on his cell phone.John mentions to Kay that Billy has been drinking. Kay offers to take him to an AA meeting. John thinks it‘s only fair to discuss it with Jill first.Mac tells Brit