Ep. #6606

Season 27, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 4/16/1999
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Tricia tells Ryan that she is feeling better now. She finally got a good night‘s sleep. Her top priority is to help Megan get through this horrible ordeal. Tricia doesn‘t want to tell Megan that she is responsible for Tony‘s death until the shock has worn off.Megan asks Tricia to go to Tony‘s apartment with her to get his clothes for the burial. She is devastated that they never made love to one another.Sharon confides in Nick that there is nothing Tricia wouldn‘t have done to prevent the marriage of Megan and Tony. Nick asks her to stay out of it and let the police investigate.John isn‘t happy with Billy‘s attitude, but Ashley contends it‘s just teenage angst. Kay tells John that she and Brock are having similar problems with Mac. Kay wonders if it‘s just a coincidence.Brittany asks Mac to help her out with Billy. She wants to take their relationship to another level.Malcolm decides that his marriage to Callie will take place July 21.Callie calls Michael Baldwin to see if that‘s