Ep. #6605

Season 27, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/15/1999
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Tony and Megan get married in the ICU. Ryan, Tricia and the others gather around. When the small ceremony is over, Tony wants to talk to Tricia alone. He asks her if she ran over him on purpose. She admits she wanted to stop the wedding, but claims she never saw him in her rear view mirror. He then asks for Megan.They express their love for one another and then Tony‘s heart stops beating. Megan is sobbing as Tricia watches from the door.Brad tells Gina that Nikki will be joining him for dinner. He also mentions that he wants her catering skills for his upcoming wedding. She promises to keep it a secret.After talking to Victoria, Nikki decides against meeting Brad at the restaurant. When Brad finds out, he tells her that he is coming to get her. She threatens to call the guard if he shows up.Paul and Chris are discussing her job when Victor calls. Chris thinks he sounds upset and leaves to find out what‘s bothering him. Victor tells her that he and Nikki are having problems, but he