Ep. #6604

Season 27, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/14/1999
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Victor doesn‘t want Nikki to give up on their marriage, but she has had it with his interrogations. He suggests he stay elsewhere tonight so she has time to think. He reminds her that they have been through a lot together.Kay tells Brad that he is a fool if he thinks Nikki loves him. There is only one man for Nikki and that‘s Victor. Brad should back away or he will cause great pain for everyone.Tony is in a very weakened condition, but he wants to speak with Sharon. Eventually, Megan is called in and Sharon returns to the hospital with Reverend Jace. Tony tells Megan they are going to be married.Chris admits to Paul that she is having trouble adjusting to work. She wonders if it is so terrible to want to reassess what she wants to do with her life.Jill asks Paul to investigate Mac and where she really came from. Paul is reluctant, knowing that it might hurt Kay and Brock. Brock lets Jill know that although he is happy to have Jill‘s company, he won‘t let her come between Mac and h