Ep. #6603

Season 27, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/13/1999
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Victor wonders why Nikki seems more surprised than pleased to see him. He wants to talk if she isn‘t in a hurry to leave. He tries to explain why he went to New Mexico, but Nikki is tired of listening to him and thinks this is a waste of time.Brad gives his letter of resignation to Victoria. He wants a clear playing field to fight Victor for Nikki. Ashley tells him that she hopes he is doing the right thing.Ryan calls 911 when he sees how bad Tony‘s condition is. Tricia is crying uncontrollably.Megan is waiting for Tony at the Justice of the Peace. She finally calls his cell phone. The nurse answers and hands the phone to Ryan who tells her to get to the hospital right away.Malcolm tells Nate that he and Callie are engaged to be married. Nate wants to know if he is going to have more kids.