Ep. #6602

Season 27, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/12/1999
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Victor feels as if he took advantage of Ramona, but she assures him that she has no regrets. As he leaves to go home to straighten things out with Nikki, Ramona tells him she will never forget him.Kay questions Nikki‘s relationship with Brad. Nikki defends herself, telling Kay that Victor left long before she did. Brad arrives at the ranch to take Nikki home with him.Victoria calls a meeting with her staff and Ross and Gary from the ad agency. Brash & Sassy sales are falling behind Jabot and she suggests that they go back to the old ad campaign. She feels safe now that she has a bodyguard.Leo questions Warton about ""the fan"" letters. Warton says that the Newmans deserve what‘s happening to them.Ryan finally talks Tricia into seeing a therapist. He wants to go with her, but ends up attending the meeting that Victoria called.Nina takes Megan a wedding dress. Megan feels bad about not telling Tricia.Tony leaves to ask Sharon to stand up for him. Nina suggests he take her car because