Ep. #6601

Season 27, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/9/1999
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Brad wants to know if Kay changed Nikki‘s mind about spending her future with him. He wants her to walk out the door with him now. She tells him she still has some packing to do and will meet him at Gina‘s.On the plane ride home from New Mexico, Victor recalls beautiful memories of Nikki and him. He sincerely hopes they can work out their problems. When he walks in the door, he notices Nikki‘s bags and asks where she is going.Ramona admits to Helena that she was intimate with Victor. She‘s not sure she‘ll ever be able to get him out of her heart. Victoria asks if the others are in favor of going back to the old campaign.Gary suggests that the photos be a little less provocative. Victoria thinks that is a good suggestion. She wants to speak with Gary in private.Warton tells Leo that he wants to change his life around, but is worried that the Newmans and all their money will put him back in jail.Megan leaves a message on Tricia‘s phone machine that she and Tony are getting married.