Ep. #6600

Season 27, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/8/1999
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Once back at the ranch, Nikki gets cold feet and feels she should spend at least one night there. Brad asks if their romance was just a fling for her. She insists it wasn‘t. He leaves, telling her that tomorrow night she will be with him.After dinner, Ramona suggests to Victor that they each have to get up early tomorrow, so they should get to bed. Victor notices that she is drinking a different kind of tea and asks her for some to help him sleep. Ramona retires to her room.Victor has a dream that Nikki leaves him. Ramona hears him talking in his sleep and comes out to see what‘s wrong. They begin to kiss.Cassie asks Sharon and Nick if she is still going to be the flower girl in Victor and Nikki‘s wedding. It‘s a question they can‘t answer. Nick doesn‘t want to worry about his parents‘ marriage; he only wants to concentrate on his own.John has dinner with Jill at Gina‘s. He tries to convince her to leave Mac alone and worry about her relationship with her son.Billy, Brittany, J.T.