Ep. #6599

Season 27, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/7/1999
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Ramona offers to make Victor a farewell dinner. She tells Victor that she hopes he won‘t forget her. He admits he has feelings for her, but he shares something special with his wife and doesn‘t want to do anything to cause their breakup. She asks him if he is sure Nikki is playing fair with him.On the plane ride home from Venice, Brad wants to discuss with Nikki what will happen once they arrive in Genoa City. Nikki wants to stop by the ranch. Brad assumes it‘s to pick up some things before moving in with him.Jack explains to Ashley what happened on his trip to New Mexico. He wonders aloud why so many women have a thing for Victor. Tricia admits to Nina that she might be losing it. Nina begs her to get help.Megan accepts Tony‘s marriage proposal. They decide to tie the knot tomorrow. Megan wants to invite Tricia, but Tony doesn‘t think it‘s a good idea.At the coffeehouse, Billy asks J.T. for some liquor so he can spike his drink. Raul enters and wonders what‘s going on. Billy sarca