Ep. #6598

Season 27, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/6/1999
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Jack assumes that Victor and Ramona are lovers. Ramona is insulted and wants him to leave. He hopes to see her again under different circumstances.Chris looks over Victor‘s land deal and wonders if he is doing this just for Ramona. He admits he owes her a great deal. Victor goes to see Ramona. He tells her that he has secured her land and he believes she can now get on with her career in New Mexico. Ramona thinks this is Victor‘s way of saying good-bye.Tomas leaves so Nina can talk to Ryan alone. Ryan tells Nina everything that has been going on with Tricia. Nina is more certain than ever that Tricia needs a therapist. Tricia is desperate to get Megan away from Tony. She tells Megan that the two of them should go to London to visit their father.Both Megan and Tony think it‘s very short notice. When Tricia finally gives up and leaves, Tony surprises Megan with an engagement ring.Mac gives Billy hell for treating Raul like an outsider. When Jill arrives to have dinner with Billy, he