Ep. #6596

Season 27, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 4/2/1999
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Paul goes to the warehouse to confront Larry Warton. Warton lets Victoria‘s name slip. Paul warns him that if he has been the one writing the fan letters, he will be going back to jail. When Paul leaves, Warton goes to his locker and pulls out a magazine with Victoria‘s picture in it.Sharon convinces Nick to tell Victoria that he thinks he knows who ""the fan"" is. Victor calls Chris and asks her to help him with a legal document. When this deal is finished, he will be able to deal with Nikki and Ramona.Jack shows up at Ramona‘s home. She wants to know what he is doing there.Malcolm tells Olivia that he and Callie plan to get married soon. It‘s an easy conversation and they are happy they can talk freely.Michael Baldwin suggests to Callie a way in which she can get a faster divorce from Trey. Callie is worried that Trey will complicate matters.Nina runs into Tomas at the coffeehouse. They decide to go back to her place and talk.