Ep. #6595

Season 27, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 4/1/1999
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Nikki tells Brad that she wants to go home. He promises to get them on a plane tomorrow.Victoria is stunned when Sharon tells her that Nikki called earlier. Sharon didn‘t get any details from Nikki and this frustrates Victoria.Victor calls the ranch and asks Victoria how he can reach Nikki. Victoria is tired of the games her parents are playing and hangs up.Olivia is surprised to learn from Ashley that Cole wasn‘t on the cruise with her and, in fact, they are getting a divorce. Olivia then tells her that Neil saved her life and she is very grateful to him. Later, the doctor informs Olivia that her test results reveal she has taken a step back in certain areas. Olivia is worried.Paul tells Nick that he wants to talk to Warton‘s parole officer alone, but Nick jumps in and puts the guy on the defensive. Paul is angry and tells Nick he is ready to take himself off the case.Callie is able to dodge a lunch invitation from Malcolm so she can keep an appointment with Michael Baldwin.