Ep. #6594

Season 27, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/31/1999
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Nikki has no regrets about going to Venice with Brad. The two are having a wonderful time. Nikki feels she should call Nick and Victoria. Brad asks her not to let them lay a guilt trip on her. Nikki gets hold of Sharon, who informs her that Victor returned the night she left on her trip.Nick goes to see Paul. He is sure that Warton is the person sending the letters to Victoria. He wants Paul to put him back in jail. Paul can‘t do that, but vows to protect Victoria. Raul apologizes to Billy for being so uptight last week. He explains that he was upset about Mac.Billy asks Raul if he and Mac want to do something, but Mac declines. Raul asks Mac if they can stay friends with Billy and Brittany. Mac thinks Billy doesn‘t really want to mix with the wrong class of people.Jill tells Ashley that Jabot is gaining on Brash & Sassy. Jill is upset when Ashley‘s only response is that she is worried about Victor being away so long.