Ep. #262

Season 2, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 3/29/1974
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Billy calls Mac and they discuss their new connection, but Mac hangs up the phone when Kay enters. She tells Kay that her prom was more than she could hope for. Jill interrupts and tells Mac not to forget the most important part. Jill tells Kay that Mac and Billy were crowned prom queen and king.Kay is thrilled for Mac, but wonders if Jill is holding any hostility. When Mac asks if Jill ever follows through on her threats, Kay confirms that she does.A delivery man arrives at the door with a package for Jill. Mac signs for it and notices it is from a detective agency in St. Louis.Brad is worried about the GLOW ad campaign, but Jack and Ashley explain to him that Mac can be used as a substitute because they have footage of her from the pre-prom shoot. Brad thinks that using Mac may be to their advantage because she is the underdog and everyone will root for her rags to riches story. They watch a rough cut of the footage and everyone except Jill agrees that the GLOW ad works even bette