Episode 97

Season 1, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 8/7/1973
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Chris walks in as Michael is trying to convince Brad that Jabot will not oust him. She asks what Brad is doing there. Jill tells Ashley that if she votes to not fire Brad, the fate of Jabot will be in her hands.As Brittany drinks more and continues to bash Billy, J.T. puts the moves on by stroking her hair and kissing her cheek. After Brittany and J.T. have sex, Brittany is still buzzed and blames Billy for what just happened. She suddenly freaks out and tells J.T. to back off. As far as she‘s concerned, nothing happened between them.Phyllis knows there is another reason why Mac doesn‘t want to be seen on the web site and asks Mac what she‘s hiding. She guesses that Mac and Billy are involved, but Mac denies her accusations, insisting she and Billy are only friends.Billy arrives and Mac warns him that Phyllis suspects there is something going on between them. Billy suggests they go to their hideout, but before they can leave, Billy spots Brittany coming in. He tells Mac that since B