Episode 38

Season 1, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 5/16/1973
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Victor tells Neil that he‘s not sure when he‘ll return to Genoa City. After Victor reads a letter from Robertson Reproductive Labs, he calls Diane and tells her that he‘ll be home soon. She tells him that they are looking forward to his arrival.Jill is adamant about not wanting Phyllis to work at Jabot. Ashley isn‘t sure that Phyllis can be trusted, but Jack tells them that Phyllis is a hot commodity and that they shouldn‘t let her go.While Phyllis and Michael have dinner, they watch Paul and Chris celebrate with friends and family. Phyllis tells Michael about the Newman Enterprise offer.Victoria tries to warn Ryan not to get involved with Tricia, but Ryan tells her that Tricia‘s recovery is important to him and he‘s not going to back out on her now.Chris admits to Nina that she feels guilty about the pregnancy, because it has come at the worst possible time for her. Nina tells her that she will get used to it in time. Chris tells Paul that she wants to take another pregnancy test