Episode 122

Season 1, Episode 122 -  Air Date: 9/11/1973
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Matt is worried now that Tricia wants to leave town. Warton wants him to dump Tricia because she‘s a risk to their plan. Matt says that things will be over soon as the rave is rapidly approaching. Ryan wants to know why Keith is on the phone and warns Victoria not to involve him.On the phone, Victoria covers with questions about Brash & Sassy, but Keith asks if she‘s seen Ryan and Tricia around. Ryan thinks Victoria called Keith for selfish reasons, but she says she did it because Tricia needs help.Sharon and Nick share an impromptu romantic afternoon when he drops by the house to pick up some folders. They decide to invite Carter over for dinner that night in the hopes that he takes the job.Granville is furious that Victor filed a complaint with the court before discussing it with him first, but Victor felt that an aggressive approach was necessary. Granville wants to negotiate, but doesn‘t agree with their terms.Olivia thinks Malcolm is trying to guilt Neil into helping him with