Top 7 Live Results Show

Season 1, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 12/1/2011
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‘The X Factor‘ Recap: Astro Has a Girlfriend?

Tonight, on The X Factor results show, we are saying goodbye to two more contestants. For everyone who forgot to vote for Lakoda Rayne, I tell you with a heavy heart (sarcastic comment) that they have already been sent home. You all get an A for effort, though.The Final 7 - "Man in the Mirror"Things start off super shaky with Drew. Josh picks things up, thankfully. The smaller the group gets, the better the harmony sounds when these performances come around. Okay, kiddos! You know what time it is. I suppose this would be the time that you could refer to last night‘s recap, because it is MONTAGE TIME! Please, hold back your excitement.
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