Live Season Finale, Part 2

Season 1, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 12/22/2011
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‘The X Factor‘ Finale Results Live Recap: Who Won a $5 Million Christmas Miracle?

Tonight‘s the night, kids! No, not that night. Not Santa and presents and sugarplums night. That‘s two nights from now. Tonight‘s the night when we finally learn which X Factor finalist got the best Christmas present ever from America: That $5 million contract, a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, and the lifelong title of Very First Winner of The X Factor USA. The winner probably even gets a special gold card to keep in their wallet that gets them into special Very First Winner Lounges where they can rub elbows with Kelly Clarkson, Adrienne Curry, Jay McCarroll and Richard Hatch. (Just kidding! Richard‘s card got revoked when he joined that other, slightly less exclusive club, Prison.)
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