Auditions No. 4

Season 1, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 9/29/2011
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‘The X Factor‘ Recap: Best of ‘Auditions 4‘

It‘s the final set of auditions! We‘ve made it through all the preliminary mumbo jumbo. Yet that doesn‘t mean you won‘t get a chance to read about it here on BuddyTV! Let‘s get to it.This set of auditions finds the competition in the one city that everyone had in mind... Newark, NJ. I guess NJ has earned more reality television coverage at this point. The groups, as we all now know, are Girls, Boys, Over 30s, and Groups. It‘s pretty sad that the old folk need their own category. What if there is a group of 50 year olds? Where do you put them? Sorry, I digress again...
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