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Season 3, Episode 999 - Air Date: 11/25/2020
The White House in security lockdown provides the backdrop for this exploration of issues and responses surrounding terrorism.
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Posse Comitatus

Season 3, Episode 22 - Air Date: 5/22/2002
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Posse Comitatus

Season 3, Episode 21 - Air Date: 5/15/2002
Bartlet continues to struggle over the wisdom of assassinating the terrorist Qumari defense minister; after Ritchie declines to meet Bartlet, Sam and Toby play a dirty trick; as the search for Mrs.
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We Killed Yamamoto

Season 3, Episode 20 - Air Date: 5/8/2002
While Jed, Leo and Fitzwallace grapple with terrorism and moral absolutes, Josh and Amy grapple with each other over a welfare-reform bill; Donna represents the White House at a North Dakota state-party caucus whose goal is to remove the word "North" from the state's name; Toby doesn't want Jed to attend a New York fund-raiser because Ritchie will be there; Charlie is assigned the responsibility of finding Jed a new secretary; C.
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The Black Vera Wang

Season 3, Episode 19 - Air Date: 5/1/2002
Bartlet and the staff are on high alert when they receive reports of an impending attack on a military installation; Josh is furious when he discovers that a gift he passed on to Donna, who in turn passed in on to an unpaid intern, ends up for sale on eBay; C.
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Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Season 3, Episode 18 - Air Date: 4/24/2002
The revelation that a Russian company may be building a heavy water reactor in Iran puts Jed in a difficult position as he prepares to meet with the new Russian president; Jed orders the Secret Service to protect C.
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Season 3, Episode 17 - Air Date: 4/3/2002
Hoynes and Bartlet each make an unexpected announcement about Hoynes' place on the ticket; fears of a terrorist attack arise when a truck carrying depleted uranium-fuel rods is involved in a head-on collision in an Idaho tunnel; Donna seeks a Presidential Proclamation to honor her high-school teacher/mentor who's retiring; and Bartlet's insistence on helping Charlie with his tax return sparks a discussion on the true nature of a tax rebate.
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The U.S. Poet Laureate

Season 3, Episode 16 - Air Date: 3/27/2002
Toby looks forward to meeting the new U.S. Poet Laureate; Jed fires the first salvo of his reelection campaign when he calls his likely opponent less than brilliant, and the national press just can't get enough of it; Ainsley gets promoted; Josh overreacts to posts on the message board of a website devoted to "all things Josh".
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Dead Irish Writers

Season 3, Episode 15 - Air Date: 3/6/2002
Concern arises over the medical board's decision on Abbey's actions in treating Jed's M.S.; Sam tries to get a Senator he doesn't like to pass a bill for a super-conducter that he doesn't even understand; Amy tries to influence Josh; Lord Marbury explains to Toby why a member of the IRA cannot be invited to the White House; Donna receives shocking news when the Secret Service won't give her clearance to attend Abbey's birthday party.
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Hartsfield's Landing

Season 3, Episode 14 - Air Date: 2/27/2002
On the day before the New Hampshire primary, Josh drafts Donna as his frontwoman to ensure that Bartlet wins the nation's first primary in the small town of Hartsfield's Landing; C.
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Night Five

Season 3, Episode 13 - Air Date: 2/6/2002
Stanley Keyworth revisits the White House to uncover the reason Bartlet hasn't been able to sleep since the night of the Iowa caucus; C.
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The Two Bartlets

Season 3, Episode 12 - Air Date: 1/30/2002
On the day of the Democratic Caucus, Bartlet, Toby and C.J. go to Iowa to kick off the presidential race, and disagree over Bartlet's making a statement about affirmative action.
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100,000 Airplanes

Season 3, Episode 11 - Air Date: 1/16/2002
On State of the Union night, Sam is being trailed by a magazine reporter to whom he was once engaged; the President' Congressional censure weighs heavily on staffers' minds as they debate whether to include an anti-cancer initiative in the President's address; Josh can't get Amy Gardner to talk to him.
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H. Con-172

Season 3, Episode 10 - Air Date: 1/9/2002
Majority Counsel Clifford Calley makes Leo an offer regarding the MS affair he wants very much to refuse; Josh looks for any excuse to see Amy Gardner; a fired White House photographer has written a tell-all book about the Administration that Sam wants to refute point by point; Charlie gives the President a present that touches him and troubles everyone else.
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Bartlet for America

Season 3, Episode 9 - Air Date: 12/12/2001
The staff and the F.B.I. work to combat a threat to firebomb black churches in Tennessee on Christmas Eve; accompanied by Jordan, Leo testifies before the House committee probing Bartlet's failure to disclose his M.
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The Women of Qumar

Season 3, Episode 8 - Air Date: 11/28/2001
C.J. is outraged about an arms sale to secure an airbase lease with a Middle-Eastern country which perpetuates atrocities against its women; the staff anxiously awaits test results to determine the possibility of an outbreak of mad-cow disease; Josh debates a woman's group lobbyist over a treaty's wording concerning prostitution; Toby meets with veterans upset about a Pearl Harbor anniversary exhibition at the Smithsonian; Sam explores the idea of a national seat belt law after Bartlet is sued by a woman whose husband died in an automobile accident.
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The Indians in the Lobby

Season 3, Episode 7 - Air Date: 11/21/2001
Disgruntled that Abbey has decided that the Bartlet's will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday at Camp David instead of New Hampshire, Bartlet takes out his pique by boring everyone within earshot over his plans to cook Thanksgiving dinner, going so far as to call "The Butterball Hotline" to ask questions about cooking the stuffing.
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Gone Quiet

Season 3, Episode 6 - Air Date: 11/14/2001
When an American spy submarine suddenly goes silent in hostile North Korea, Bartlet must decide whether to inform the enemy or attempt a secret rescue operation; Abbey learns her past malpractice suits might compromise Bartlet's criminal investigation; Toby meets with a representative from an appropriations committee who wants to funnel money away from Congress's funding of avant-garde artists.
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War Crimes

Season 3, Episode 5 - Air Date: 11/7/2001
The President has a showdown; Donna lies when she appears before the Congressional committee investigating the President; Leo debates with an old friend about the US future stance regarding the war crimes tribunal; Sam tries to find the logic in a Congressman's proposed legislation to eliminate the penny.
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On the Day Before

Season 3, Episode 4 - Air Date: 10/31/2001
When Bartlet vetoes the "death tax", the staff must scramble to keep the veto from being overridden; Josh tries to smooth talk a promising governor who is considering running against the President; Charlie is urged to ask for immunity in his upcoming testimony.
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Ways and Means

Season 3, Episode 3 - Air Date: 10/24/2001
The Special Prosecutor sets his probe in motion; Sam and Bruno are concerned about the loyalty of a powerful labor leader; Toby and Josh are preoccupied with a congressional battle over the estate tax; Ainsley fixes up Donna with a Republican.
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Manchester: Part 2

Season 3, Episode 2 - Air Date: 10/17/2001
The senior staff clash with the consultants who are to work on Bartlet's reelection campaign; C.J. is concerned that the press senses the Bartlets' marriage could be in trouble; Josh asks Leo to let him use his connection to postpone the FDA's drug announcement; the situation on Haiti comes to a head.
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Manchester: Part 1

Season 3, Episode 1 - Air Date: 10/10/2001
Bartlet's decision about Haiti falls under scrutiny; C.J. makes a horrible blunder in a press conference and is hounded about the president's health by reporters; the staff disagrees about whether Bartlet should apologize for not revealing his medical condition; Abbey is angry that Jed has decided to run for reelection.