Played by Steven Yeun

In "The Walking Dead", Glenn (Steven Yeun) is a member of a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. He is first introduced when he helps save Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from the zombies in Atlanta. Glenn uses his walkie-talkie to guide Rick to safety. When they are later surrounded, Rick and Glenn cover themselves in dead flesh to walk through the zombie horde to get to a truck and help the rest of the survivors escape.

Glenn is a quiet young Asian man. He is very introverted but definitely one of the stronger members of the survivors. Glenn helps Rick with his ideas on how to get around zombies. For example, he drives a Dodge Charger around Atlanta, blaring the horn, distracting the zombies from the slower moving truck the rest of the survivors are in. Glenn has put himself in danger many times for the greater good of the small group of survivors.

Memorable Quotes:

"Hey you! Dumb ass! Hey you in the tank! Cozy in there?"