Week 5: Battle Round 3

Season 1, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 5/24/2011
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The Battle Rounds continue, as more singers are eliminated after going head-to-head against their fellow team members.

‘The Voice‘ Battle Round 3 Recap: Four More Acts ‘Creep‘ Toward the Finish

Hello again, Voice fans! (The Voice fans? Voicers? Voice Boxers?) Tonight, we continue watching the Battle Rounds, and thus we continue pretending that all the battles were not performed on the exact same night. To be honest with you all (as I always am), the battle rounds started out exciting, but now that we‘re in our third week of watching the duelets, they‘re starting to drag. I miss the sassy judge banter that kept things interesting during auditions, but another, even more troubling factor seems to be at play: It‘s been a month since we met some of these vocalists, and I‘ve forgetten who some of them are. It brings to mind what I‘d hope is an important question for this show to consider: Should we (and
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