Week 4: Battle Round 2

Season 1, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 5/17/2011
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The Battle Rounds continue, as more singers are eliminated after going head-to-head against their fellow team members.

‘The Voice‘ Week 4 Recap: Battle Round Two Brings Four Singers One Step ‘Closer‘

Another Tuesday night, another round of battles on The Voice. And so far, I‘m loving this stage of the competition, especially for how cut-and-dry it makes the whole "weeding out" process that can take months on those other singing shows. Comparing two singers with different styles singing different songs can feel like "apples and oranges," as they say, but pitting the voices directly against each other at the exact same time has a way of bringing the winner to the surface a lot more easily. Granted, tonight the judges made some tough calls, but I don‘t think any of their decisions were tearing them apart inside. In these duelets, it‘s pretty tough to end the song on equal ground.
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