The Hybrid

Season 3, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 9/22/2011
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From the CW: "Klaus puts a plan in motion that will give him even more power, but even with the unwilling participation of werewolf Ray Sutton, things don’t go exactly as Klaus had planned. Damon and Alaric reluctantly go along with Elena’s new strategy to find Stefan, leading Damon into a dangerous fight with an unexpected enemy. Jeremy turns to Matt for help as he continues to try to understand what the ghosts from his past want from him. Unaware that Caroline is in need of his help, Tyler faces an emotional confrontation with his mother."

‘The Vampire Diaries‘ Recap: Hunting for Werewolves

In the second episode of The Vampire Diaries‘ third season, it‘s all about the werewolves. Klaus finds his pack to create an army of hybrids, but it doesn‘t go as he‘d hoped. Meanwhile, Elena, Alaric and Damon go on a quest to find the werewolf pack Stefan is with, but that too goes horribly wrong. In other bad news, Tyler‘s mom finds out about her son‘s werewolf condition and Caroline gets an unexpected visit from her dad, who isn‘t too thrilled with the idea that his daughter is a vampire.
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