Season 1, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 1/28/2010
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Damon, Elena and Stefan attend the school dance with a 1950s‘ theme, where Alaric introduces himself to Damon. Stefan and Damon try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town, Stefan gives Elena jewelry filled with Vervain to protect her family and friends. To make ends meet Matt takes a job at the Mystic Grill. Ben comes to help Bonnie when he notices Damon is bothering her.

‘The Vampire Diaries‘ Review: The New Vamps on the Block

I‘m not sure how The Vampire Diaries does it, but the shockingtwists continue to pile up with several "Holy Crap!" moments in everyepisode.  This week, we get three new vampire revelations, a tie toKatherine, and the identity of Elena‘s biological mother.First, we meet the mystery vampire who caused Elena‘s car crash.  He‘sNoah, but he‘s dead by the end of this episode thanks to Stefan andDamon channeling their inner Jack Bauer.  Using their enhancedinterrogation techniques, they learn that Noah is also working on a wayto open Katherine‘s Tomb, because she had more friends than just theSalvatores.
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