Jenna Sommers

Played by Sara Canning

Jenna Sommers (Sara Canning) is the aunt and guardian of Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen). She is the younger sister of Elena and Jeremy's mother and began caring for the two siblings after both of their parents died in a car crash. At the end of season 1, she remains unaware of the vampires in Mystic Falls.

Jenna is a supporting character but featured prominently in many of the storylines of season one: first, when her boyfriend, Logan Fell (Chris J. Johnson), mysteriously disappears after attempting to kill Elena's vampire boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Logan later returns to Mystic Falls as a vampire and attempts to continue dating Jenna. Jenna is hesitant to keep seeing him because his abrupt departure upset her. Later, Jenna became involved with Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis), who is Elena and Jeremy's history teacher. Jenna is also active in the Mystic Falls community, having grown up in the town. She recruits Alaric to take part in a bachelor auction and supports Elena in her bid to become Miss Mystic Falls.

Jenna grapples with her newfound parental role, while trying to balance the fun aunt role she held in the past. An example of this is her behavior when Jeremy's teacher, Mr. Tanner (Benjamin Ayres), calls her in to discuss Jeremy's failing grades.

Memorable Quotes:

"Listen up! Quit ditching class or you're grounded, no discussion."

"I've become my worst nightmare, the authority figure, who has to violate a 15-year-old's privacy."