The Diary of a Mad Ex-Housewife

Season 2, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/10/2008
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Things seem to be looking up—that is, until Molly‘s journal is stolen from Zach‘s party and juicy tidbits about friends and foes alike are published anonymously on Hollywood‘s most read gossip site, Dizzy Land. What will happen when everyone discovers that she‘s "The Hollywood Ex Wife"?Meanwhile, at her husband Pappy‘s request, Joan, who has remained sober for a year, begins working part time at Destinies, the star-studded rehab center. Her first assignment: picking up David Shea, the famous British actor and notorious drunk, from the airport and transporting him to the center. David may know every trick in the book to slip out of Joan‘s grasp and find another drink, but since Joan wrote that book, she manages to stay one step ahead of him. She also knows well enough not to take the cad‘s sexual come-ons seriously, but when Pappy rebuffs his wife‘s advances, Joan starts to second guess her desirability.Rodney, whose interior design business is going strong (his work was featured in "LA Magazine"), is currently being considered to decorate the home of Felix Jones, the hottest action star in town. After a rather odd interview, Rodney is happily surprised when he gets the news that he has been hired. Now if he can only curb his crush on his new notoriously straight client, he‘ll be golden. Unless of course, Felix Jones isn‘t completely straight...