Passage through India

Season 8, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 9/28/1999
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When the roommates arrive in India, they are greeted by their tour guide, Romesh. The surprise comes when they learn that they will be traveling aboard the ""Palace on Wheels,"" India‘s most luxurious train. Later in their hotel room, Justin has ""Cruel Intentions"" and tells Kaia of his plot against Amaya. Aboard the ""Palace on Wheels,"" Colin and Amaya decide to share a room. Could their romance resurface? In the city of Jaipur, a group of local kids get a taste of Western culture. Teck delivers an impromptu beat box, as one of the kids busts out with his version of street dancing. On the train, Justin has some advice for Colin. With some subtle coaxing he persuades Colin that Amaya isn‘t stable enough to have a relationship with him. Reacting to Justin‘s comments, Colin turns on Amaya. In a strange twist, Justin meets with Amaya as he asks about her newly broken relationship with Colin. Acting surprised, Justin wonders why Colin is acting so strange. As the roommates say goodbye to India