Hawaii: Episode 4

Season 8, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 6/29/1999
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In this episode, Ruthie and Kaia become really good friends when their mutual admiration heats up into a smooching session. This goes over really big with some of the guys in the house. The next morning, Kaia, now sober, has second thoughts about her lip-locking session with Ruthie. Ruthie claims she doesn‘t even remember the smooching. Meanwhile, Amaya, the house sorority chick, suggests they promote the club at frat houses and sororities. This goes over like a lead balloon. She‘s also having problems with one of the surfboards in the house. Colin and Matt make mandatory flip remarks, hurting her feelings. Amaya has a good cry in the hot tub. Ruthie hops in to give her a pep talk. As Colin and Amaya grow closer together, they deny that smooching has taken place between them. But hey, there‘s always next time...