Hasta Pasta, Hawaii

Season 8, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 9/7/1999
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In her scheduled meeting, Ruthie tells the roommates she is aware she let alcohol take over her life during her stay in Hawaii. She makes no promises to quit drinking, but swears to make a positive change. Knowing that Matt told Ruthie about their planned intervention, an angry Colin confronts him outside. Later that night, the roommates agree that Ruthie really needs medical treatment for her alcohol problem. ""This thing can‘t linger,"" says Colin. They decide on a firm ultimatum: Check into a treatment facility or leave the house. Overwhelmed by the pressure of saving Ruthie, Matt breaks down in tears. Ruthie can‘t believe what she‘s hearing when the roommates announce their strict ultimatum. The next day, Ruthie meets with the roommates and tells them their decision was too extreme. Proposing a compromise, she agrees to quit drinking for the rest of her stay, and agrees to visit the clinic, ""but not for 30 days."" When the roommates refuse to negotiate, Ruthie voices her anger to her