The Truth About Irene

Season 7, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 9/22/1998
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Irene‘s been acting strange lately, and she sheds some light on her situation--she‘s sick. Irene is suffering from headaches, and it‘s affecting her work on the radio commercials. Problems surface as miscommunication occurs between Irene and Janet. Lindsay suspects that there‘s something about Irene‘s past that they just don‘t know. Irene takes a turn for the worse. During an interview, she can‘t suppress the tears: ""This is not something I want to be going through right now, you know what I mean? And I don‘t want to be talking about it I don‘t want to be sick right now."" Stephen is concerned and spends the night with Irene on the couch in case she needs anything. Production of the R.E.I. commercials progresses, but not without conceptual and technical problems. Stephen forgets to send the commercial script to Kelsey, the R.E.I. representative, and gets reprimanded. At the house, Irene furiously cleans the house. Janet thinks it‘s because she needs to feel stable. On one particular nig