The Real World / Road Rules Aqua Games 1998

Season 7, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 10/27/1998
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The cast is challenged to The Real World/Road Rules Aqua Games Competition on a cold, rainy day at Lake Washington. Mark and Kit, from Road Rules 1, are hosting the games. The kids are competing for $3,000. In the first event, the Raft-O-Rama, the teams must build a raft and complete a course. Both teams end up cheating, and no points are awarded. Next event is Dueling Tubes, as they‘re dragged across the lake by a boat. It‘s Rebecca the ""sacrificial lamb"" vs. Kefla. The southern gentleman kicks her in the head and sends her flying. Next, David and Shayne battle on the open water, and David sends Shayne into the icy abyss. For the Blind-Folded Canoe, Chad and Susie face off against David and Lindsay. Blindfolded, the teams paddle out and retrieve inflatable animals, guided only by their teammates yelling from shore. The race is tight until Lindsay and David tip over. In Extreme Fishing, teams of three on jet skis head out onto the lake, scooping up silver and golden inflatable sharks w