The Aftermatch of the Slap

Season 7, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 10/6/1998
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When David returns to the house and finds out that Stephen hit Irene, he gets angry. With a potentially dangerous confrontation between David and Stephen nearing, a necessary action is taken. The producers and directors of The Real World step in to help find a solution to a crisis. Aware that the meeting is taking place, Stephen is told that he crossed the line by slapping Irene, and that the others need to decide whether or not they want him to remain in the house. If they decide to let Stephen stay, he will have to attend therapy to deal with his anger. The cast is faced with a difficult decision: Should they kick Stephen out? They watch the footage of Stephen slapping Irene to determine the severity of his action. When the slap occurs, they‘re all shocked. After a discussion, they decide that Stephen stays, but he must receive therapy for his anger. Later that night, Stephen and David meet privately to come to terms with the situation and each other. Stephen apologizes for the slap