Rollercoaster of Love

Season 7, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 8/11/1998
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The gang stocks up on snowboarding gear for their next work assignment. Irene wants to find some boys, but she‘s stressed because she‘s never boarded before. From snow to ice-packed seafood: David gets a new job. He gets up at the crack o‘ dawn to toss some tuna with the guys down at Pike Place Fish Market. Meanwhile, Kira‘s on her way to Seattle, and it‘ll be the first time they‘ve seen each other since the show began. She‘s a little self-conscious; the lens is now aimed at her. The whole house welcomes her with open arms. The roomies wake up early and head to the slopes for radio duty. David‘s got his woman, though, so he sleeps in and ditches the duty. Aubbie is less than thrilled, and lets everyone else know just how she feels. After a day of brusies, falls, and split lips (Irene), the kids return to the house and Stephen tells David that Aubbie reported him to Phil, the head cheese at the station. Later that night, the kids and Kira curl discuss just how bizarre Dave and Kira‘s re