Older Man, Well To Do - Younger Man, Not Doin' Too Well

Season 7, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 7/28/1998
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The roomies trek out to trip the light fantastic at a gay club. Janet and Lindsay are bumping and grinding on the dance floor, while a local drag queen takes a liking to David. They dance and end up kissing. David meets a handsome fellow named Harry at the gym. That night, Harry invites David to dinner and a Sonics game--along with Nate. Is this a date? David decides he wants to hang out with Harry, regardless of the man‘s intentions. Meanwhile, Stephen has befriended his own gay buddy. Just so happens his name is David also. (We‘ll refer to him as David Also, so you won‘t get confused.) They hang out, and David Also asks if Stephen is gay. Stephen says no, which surprises David Also. Back at the pier, Nathan and David wonder if Stephen might be gay. The girls say no way. But while Stephen is playing pool with Chris of Super Deluxe, Chris says that Aubbie, the roomies‘ boss at the radio station, is telling everyone that Stephen is gay. The next day, the phone is ringing--it‘s Harry, in