Love is in the Dead Air

Season 7, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 9/8/1998
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The cast picks a name for their show: ""Dead Air."" The first show will be taped, but the pressure is still there. Rebecca gets to work as producer, running the board, and overseeing the overall show. The guys are relegated to hit the field and generate some material to edit, but they seem to think Rebecca is overstepping her duties. She confronts Nathan about the issue, and Stephen gets involved. Everyone becomes defensive and tensions rise. At the fish market, something‘s brewing between Janet and a worker named Justin. They go out for drinks in a swanky martini bar. When Janet shares the details of her excursion with the girls, they decide it‘s an official date--especially since they kissed. Janet thinks he‘s sweet, and Justin is obviously hooked. He gives David a flower to bring home to Janet. Janet‘s preoccupied with her sister, mother and grandmother, who are visiting. She feels the need to validate the entire Seattle experience. Via the phone, Janet asks Justin to give her a few d