Irene Calls it Quits

Season 7, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 9/29/1998
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Despite Irene‘s sickness, the show must go on, but at a production meeting for Dead Air, Irene‘s exhaustion forces her to leave. The other girls do their best to fully understand her condition, but they‘re confused by some of Irene‘s comments. Rebecca feels slighted that Irene would claim that no one was there for her. Basically, the girls feel Irene‘s put up a defensive wall, when all they want to do is help. Irene comments, ""Being sick is a real quick way to find out who‘s going to be your friend, and who‘s not."" Irene wants to use the phone to call her family, but Stephen‘s on the line, and the two exchange nasty words. Later, he confronts her and calls her a bitch. Irene blames her medication. Stephen and Nate discuss Irene‘s condition, and they‘re not sure how her disease is affecting her brain. Meanwhile, Irene breaks down crying to Rebecca. The following day, Irene attempts to sort it out with Stephen, but the conversation doesn‘t go as planned when he lashes out at her. Irene t