I Love You, Don't Touch Me

Season 7, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 7/14/1998
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The roomies must start at the bottom before they get their own radio show. Today, that means lugging equipment out of a sound studio and packing it in the location van. As Lindsay and Rebecca shove an enormous speaker into the hallway, they rip the door-frame to shreds. The staff at the sound studio explain that the roomies will have to repair the damage. There seems to be a lot sexual tension between Nathan and Irene--they both have the same sense of humor. When Nathan gets emotional about Stephanie, Irene is ready to give out the backrubs and tells him to stop worrying about Stephanie so much. Back in her own bedroom, Irene confesses to Janet that she has never had a boyfriend, but is close with tons of guys who are ""just friends."" Nathan confesses that he can see himself marrying Stephanie, and Irene says he‘s putting a lot of pressure on himself. The other roomies are starting to wonder about their sexual vibe…Nathan and Irene have goofy fights, rolling around the floor and grabbin