Closing Time

Season 7, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 11/3/1998
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The kids pack up and prepare to leave, and reflect on their experiences. Stephen is changed by his anger management sessions. When there‘s an altercation at a bar, he tries to talk his friend out of fighting. Nathan consoles an emotional Stephanie, who can‘t wait for Nate‘s return. On David‘s last day at the market, he engages in some ""fishy"" male bonding with his co-workers. As the kids broadcast the last Dead Air, Lindsay, is surprised that people are actually calling in, saying they will miss the show.Stephen and Oruba spend their last few days dating and talking often. Stephen knows Oruba is special, and over the phone, tries to talk her into having sex. She ends the conversation with an optimistic ""you never know."" On the last morning, Janet and Lindsay reflect on their friendship and the bond they have developed. After learning his lessons, Stephen says he would have been able to deal with Irene differently. He puts the ""bad situation to rest"" with a teddy bear memorial service.