Season 7, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 7/21/1998
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Nathan and Janet head out to buy Valentine‘s Day gifts for Stephanie. Janet reveals that her parents are angry because they didn‘t want her to take part in the show. Back at the pier, Stephen places a call to Natasha, his ex-girlfriend, because he‘s lonely. Irene receives a stuffed singing gorilla from Grandma, and the local florist tells Janet there‘s a delivery for her. A secret boyfriend?That night, Nathan and Stephen get into a fight when the taxi they‘ve called is late. David steps in to defend Nate, and proves to Stephen that Nathan and David stick up for each other, no matter what. When the roomies arrive at the club, they hand out stickers to promote the station. Feeling like a third wheel, Stephen walks out during dinner later, and the tension lifts. On the phone with a friend, Stephen gets some good advice: Kill them with kindness. Nate and Stephen make up later that night.On Valentine‘s Day, the roomies assist as one of the DJs, Andy Savage, performs a marriage ceremony for