Season 6, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 11/12/1997
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Anthony surveys the ASP kids on how the Real Worlders are doing. The kids suggest that the roommates don‘t listen to them and that they yell too much. Jason agrees with the comments but Montana takes it very personally. She wants to know how Anthony feels about their work. Anthony suggests that Montana is way too dramatic and is a busybody. Montana thinks she is being judged unfairly. Meanwhile, Sean and Jason grill Elka about Walter‘s upcoming visit. Elka is excited but if the visit doesn‘t go well, she thinks their relationship will probably end. During Parents‘ Night at the ASP, Anthony announces that a group of the kids will attend a presidential summit in Philadelphia. Elka chooses not to attend because Walter is coming for his visit and Jason chooses to stay behind with her. Anthony tells the Real Worlders that they will each be assigned one child and there can be no alcohol during the event. In Philadelphia, the group attends the summit but Sean sleeps through President Clinton‘