Season 6, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 11/26/1997
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Montana is depressed about being fired from the ASP and needs to redeem herself. She makes a series of phone calls, trying to set up volunteer work. She interviews at the Red Cross but declines the job because of her blood phobia. Meanwhile, Kameelah and the others wonder whether Montana should be allowed to live in the loft since she was fired. They remember that Montana wanted to throw Syrus out when he was going to be fired and wonder if she should get the same treatment. Kameelah decides to drop the issue while Sean and Syrus joke with Montana about getting kicked out. Montana goes on interviews and finally gets a volunteer job she likes at Shelter, Inc. In other news, Sean and Syrus get their acts together at the ASP. Sean takes Syrus and Jason on a road trip to Maine to bring back a log so he can start a logrolling program for the kids. Syrus starts a basketball program.