Season 6, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 11/19/1997
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Anthony wonders where Sean and Syrus were the night before but no one knows. Anthony feels that if they didn‘t want to participate then they shouldn‘t have come at all. At a rally attended by Bill Clinton, Kameelah gets the ASP kids to met LL Cool J. Sean and Syrus show up during the rally and Anthony lets them know how disappointed he is. The gang moves on to the Taste of Philly, where Sean and Montana drink alcohol in front of the children. Meanwhile, Elka and Walter are hanging out and go to church. Jason expresses concern to Timber about who Walter is. Timber thinks if Walter flew all the way to Boston, he must be dedicated to Elka. Walter and Elka have an emotional departure at Logan International. Upon arrival in Boston, Anthony suspends Sean, Montana and Syrus with no explanation. Anthony questions the three about the alcohol in Philly and clears Sean and Syrus but keeps Montana on suspension because she let the kids under her supervision also try alcohol. It becomes clear that