Season 6, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 11/5/1997
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Elka misses her mom as Mother‘s Day approaches and confides in Genesis, talking about her mom‘s last night alive. Elka feels she has to take over her mother‘s duties as well as return to Brownsville for a style show dedicated to her mom. Montana says if it makes Elka uncomfortable, she does not have to go. Elka says she has to return someday and it‘s going to hurt anyway. Elka flies to Brownsville and attends the style show. She accepts an award for their family. Dad tells Elka he is going to be Mr. Mom and Elka shouldn‘t worry about them. Elka visits her mom‘s grave and then returns to Boston. Meanwhile, Genesis talks to her mom about their rocky past and her bad childhood. When they talk a second time, Mom tells Genesis she has not eaten in a week. Genesis thinks her Mom might be drinking again but Mom denies it and Genesis believes her. Later, however, her brother TJ calls with news that their mom was taken to the hospital for mixing pills with alcohol. Genesis cries alone in her ro