Outward Bonding

Season 4, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 8/30/1995
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Destination unknown! The group takes a weekend getaway to the north of England. None of the group is overly excited to spend the weekend together but they know it must be done. The rest of the weekend mimics an episode of Road Rules, as there are different challenges that the group must conquer together. This includes building a raft that eventually sinks, climbing a high wall and dangling on a high ropes course. Throughout the adventures, Sharon has issues as she is scared and is not a fan of heights. Jacinda is not very sympathetic to Sharon‘s needs and the two get into a tiff about their differences on the last night of the trip. The rest of the group begins to notice that they constantly make fun of Sharon but she never takes offense. The group apologizes, and Lars gets on his knees and tells her how special she really is. Aww…