Off The Hook

Season 19, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 11/21/2007
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The episode opens with a screen that states that Ace and Lynton are attempting to get a DJ to play their music. It is written twice, once above in Ebonics and below in "proper" English. Ace and Lyton are having a conversation in some form of Ebonics with subtitles in "proper English". They mention a plan to see Stuart Elmore, a DJ with a lot of connections. They then mention that, when they arrive at the station, they need to be talking "proper English". When they arrive at the station, they starting in "proper English", there are now, Ebonics subtitles. Ace then asks Lynton to show the receptionist the mix tapes that he is carrying. Lynton tells Ace that the bag contains a pineapple. They once again mention their motto - "Bang bang shoot em up, props to the hood" (subtitled in Latin), and the receptionist responds with Ebonics and says, "Papoose, he is truly shower". They then offer to perform a demo, which they do. The receptionist says that they are good and then tries to get them on air. She sends them up, where they perform a very long intro to the rap. They then start the rap, but they are cut and thrown out because of the use of a swear word. Afterwards, the receptionist expresses sympathy with them outside, and they sign Lyton‘s hat and give it to her.